Managed Consultative Service

Our Managed Consultative Service (MCS) delivers a comprehensive network, application and End-User performance management solution. Clients receive visibility that is not typically available in a ‘managed service’, along with resource expertise that is often lacking in a capital in-house investment. In other words, MCS offers the best of both options.

Definition of MCS

The Managed Consultative Service comprises ‘IMS ToolKit MCS’, which consists of:

A proactive in-depth approach to problem resolution is provided through End-User response time measurement of all business transactions plus thread analysis.

This unique approach is patented to the IMS ToolKit and is able to identify the root cause of any performance issue. It allows visibility of potentially damaging events – at a device, network or application layer – before they impact the delivery of business critical applications and hence End-User productivity.

‘After the fact’ analysis maximises the historical perspective of network and application events, providing trend analysis for capacity planning purposes.

Benefits of MCS

IMS aims to deliver best-of-breed performance management solutions and network troubleshooting services. We ensure that clients have not only the best tools available but also the right skill set to optimise their use, either through knowledge transfer to their own staff or by utilising IMS consultancy resource. This develops a mutually beneficial long term relationship.

Independent market research shows that around 80% of Network and Performance management procurements are still not fully implemented two years after acquisition.

For clients concerned about cost of ownership and ongoing resourcing, MCS delivers support contracts and consultancy to fine tune and manage the implementation for a fixed cost, typically spread over a three year contract.

The IMS MCS solution therefore ensures that all stages of the system life cycle are managed, resulting in optimised End-User productivity and minimised performance degradation. This in turn can be related directly to increased revenue and reduced costs to the organisation, equating to maximum return on IT investment.

Support Services

As the strategic value added UK Development Partner for CapaSystems, Abilisoft, Codima and LightSpeed, IMS is able to offer first line support for their products.

The manufacturers’ support contract delivers product revisions and updates for supplied software and gives access to their Helpdesk for product capability and issue enquiries.

In addition to the software maintenance element, IMS provides a range of 3* and 5* Support contracts that de-risk any performance management solution implementation. This service complements initial consultancy and helps clients maximise the value from their investment.

Services within the Support contract element include:

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