IMS Products


IMS industry leaders in advanced network and systems management & analysis solutions, excels in the provision of network consultancy, network trouble shooting, proactive management solutions and enterprise productivity improvements, successfully servicing many of the key Times Top 1,000 companies.

IMS End-User solutions are all focused on maximising the productivity of your staff. With PG-SME, PG-OBS & PG-ENT in place service degradation is identified and can be rectified before impacting the End-Users.

Experience the best practise configuration of baselines and thresholds, with indepth analysis and monthly reporting, to ensure maximum productivity of end to end systems and services that minimise impact on End-Users service wherever they are located equals Managed Consultative Service from IMS.

    Nb: Additional user agents sold in blocks of 50      * All per user solutions require an annual contract      **10,001+ users enquire

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