• Resolve business productivity issues with
    the award winning PG-SME

    Taking a tried and tested PerformanceGuard enterprise system together with 25 years of performance monitoring root cause analysis expertise and along with empirical data, IMS have devised a solution that delivers the major benefits of the enterprise system that addresses the key business challenges which are experienced in small and medium enterprises every day.

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More on PG-SME

  • Through installation of agents on desktop & laptop computers, servers and Citrix servers, real time End-User performance can be measured and degradation reported in easily understood proactive weekly reports providing remedial action and business impact.

    For these and more complex issues IMS-MCS Managed Consultative Service is available to help you resolve and stop losses in your company quickly and continuously from now on.

Unique Approach

  • To-date, ALL network monitoring and systems management solutions report totally disparately from the inside-out, creating the need for multiple toolsets for Server Management, Network Infrastructure, Application Management, Desktops, etc.

    Whilst the fee earners to the business; the End-Users, continue to receive poor delivery of IT services rendering them at best 50% effective.

    PG-SME measures holistically across all systems from the end-users perspective, from the outside-in, and points the IT department to the impending issue before it impacts the users, the business and the bottom line. This methodology is unique and it works!

Costly Fact

  • A Computer should start up and/or Log-On in under 2 minutes.

    But if after 2 minutes of waiting a user gets bored, walks off to make a coffee and returns in 12 minutes although the computer was ready to use after 4 minutes, then the business just lost 10 minutes productivity… twice a day!

    Or upwards of £120k for every 100 users affected… and another cup of coffee!

    PG-SME prevents this loss...

    Nb: Additional user agents sold in blocks of 50      * All per user solutions require an annual contract      **10,001+ users enquire

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